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Welcome to a school bag packed with educational games and activities for use in schools, at recreation centres, in the playground or at home. The activities are primarily developed for children aged 10–14 and aim to promote healthy habits.

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How much sugar does cola actually contain? In this experiment the children have to compare cola with water to which various amounts of sugar have been added. The experiment can be used as the basis for a discussion on health and nutrition.

Teaching the activity

Among other things, it is sugar that gives cola and fizzy drinks taste. How we perceive taste differs greatly from person to person, so there will probably not be complete agreement on which sugar water is as sweet as the cola. There are approx 25 sugar cubes or 50 grams of sugar in 0.5 litres of cola.

  • Time:1h
  • Group:3-6
  • Age:10-12
  • Location:Indoor
  • Subject:Domestic science

Changing the
future of diabetesChaning the future of diabetes

When you use the School Challenge activities, you support diabetes prevention by helping children to adopt healthier habits.

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Healthy eating

Step into a healthier lifestyle

Take the walking challenge and win a step counter.
Why not step into a healthier lifestyle today, and take our walking challenge? Let everyone wear the step counter for a day. If you hit the target of an average of 11,700 steps/day, you will win a step counter for every class member.

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Why eat healthily?

The earlier in life healthy habits are formed, the greater the chance that these habits will be maintained in adult life, which considerably reduces the risk of developing diseases in which lifestyle play a role, such as type 2 diabetes.
Prepare to put health on the school timetable by refreshing your knowledge about healthy lifestyles.

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